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success with LYNN

Dr. Kathleen Kramer



Lynn has both a true passion and an amazing talent for enabling an organization to transform and change amid uncertainty. She can redefine and reignite your organization into its best next state.  I unreservedly give her my highest recommendation.

Orlando Daniels



Lynn is very skilled at managing change … Lynn demonstrated seasoned thought leadership throughout the project and consistently anticipated issues and recommended practical mitigation strategies...She is an excellent facilitator and coach who helped move our team forward to embrace a new way of doing business.


What Happens During an Organizational Change?

Companies both large and small are facing disruption at a frenetic pace.


Layoffs, restructuring, mergers, and implementations of new systems require adept leadership at all levels. Many organizations experience fatigue and fear during a transition, and we help manage the change, keep the energy sustained, and ensure operations are moving forward.

With so much ambiguity for companies during major change, teams of employees and managers are often in limbo. They may require new job placements or assessments to direct the development of new capabilities. With the right consultation and support, the organization can capitalize on the new state of operations and secure new market advantages.


Our team uses whatever tools are most appropriate to each situation. We conduct forums, workshops, and one-on-one sessions to keep companies and their workforces focused on what must be accomplished.


When the efforts to support the management of a corporate change are sanctioned and fully backed by the organization’s leadership, we are able to effectively create a more seamless transition. However, our team is often brought in after the change has occurred to simply stem the bleeding. In either situation, we are clear in our assessment and planning to advise organizations on what it is necessary to do to move forward, adapt, and ultimately succeed.

our O.C.M. value PROPOSITION

   Several Decades of experience in change management,  

transformational leadership talent development, assessment certifications, workshop facilitation, and relationship and program management enable us to create the right programs for organizations in need.

Ultimately, our goal is to create mini change agents within an organization and workforce to drive enthusiasm, align workers, and make impactful change. We use this approach to ensure the organization can successfully manage and move through the change from within. Employees and managers are more empowered and garner a stronger sense of organizational community.

Specifically, we provide:

Team Training & Development

Leadership Development


Kotter & ADKAR

Methodology Implementation

Soft Skills Training

Work/Life Balance Coaching

Stakeholder Alignment


Change Agent

Network Development


Lominger Leadership &

Tools Facilitation

Talent Development

Core Competency Development

Alignment of Initiatives,

Resources, & Best Practices

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Industry Experience

Our team has helped organizations manage their transitions in a multitude of industries including:

  • Technology

  • Telecommunications

  • Hospitality & Travel

  • Financial Services

  • Life Sciences

  • Media, Television & Entertainment

Don’t let change disrupt your ability to effectively grow, work, or collaborate.

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