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who is

Lynn Doupsas?

Years ago, a former colleague

referred to Lynn as a “people alchemist.”

This designation resonated at such a deep level that she began to build a foundation upon it; expanding her personal catalog of talents, skills, certifications, education, innovative learnings, methodologies, and best practices.

Who is Lynn

Lynn is a TRANSFORMER of

programs, teams, individuals and organizations. She is a passionate learner and a gifted communicator. She collaborates with her clients, shares her unique perspectives, and empowers them to use their innate gifts and talents to the fullest, while generating outcomes that exceed their expectations and align them to their spirit. Lynn excels at creating the most effective teams and helping to release the best, often magical, contributions from individuals.

highly perceptive, intuitive, creative, and authentic. Her candor is refreshing and her abilities to help clients shift their mindset is both nuanced and complete. She has the ability to conduct and provide honest, straightforward assessments to help guide clients to be more in tune with their true selves.


Lynn is a CATALYST

for organizational change. She knows how to identify and encourage the special synergies between teams and departments - aligning them within the corporate goals and growth potential of employees. Her work is fully grounded in decades of rich experience in assessment, operating on the front line, and helping individuals, teams and organizations manage through transition. Her ultimate goal is to develop change agents within the organization that continue to move their companies forward.

A passionate seeker and identifier of her clients’ optimal state-of-flow, she helps her clients get in tune with higher vibrations while guiding them throughout their journeys.


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She understands challenges, motivates those who are stuck, and counsels those who yearn to define and achieve their goals. With her extensive network she opens pathways while connecting associates, clients, and friends with each other to inspire meaningful relationships and the collective good.

Lynn is a compassionate COACH & CONNECTOR

as well as a guide. She has worked through and experienced her own transformation, understanding the alignment on a deeper level while accepting the gifts she possesses. She truly lives what she teaches; practicing daily gratitude, learning throughout the years, and seeing the beauty in front of her.


Lynn is a

Level 10 Mindset Alchemist.

  The time is now to reboot your mindset,
identify your soul’s work, and step into your own power.

Lynn can and will help you find your way.


We well know if there is imbalance in one area of your life, it will no doubt affect other areas. Our approach to shifting mindsets and helping you manage organizational and personal change is rooted in a holistic manner, in which the body, mind and spirit are evaluated and aligned along side the more typical career and life guidance.


To help her do so, Lynn has joined forces with trusted professionals, a curated group of experts in the fields of nutrition, physical and integrative therapies, meditation, branding, financial health, organization, immersion and design to help you thrive in an even more enlightened way.



Individuals wanting to take charge of their health must learn how to set healthy boundaries and embrace the power they have to build and lead a more sustainable and balanced life.

Lynn and her team believe we all have the ability within us to feel stronger, healthier, and more aligned.



Sandy Blackburn of Nourishing Greens is an expert at helping clients lead healthier lives through nutrition and integrative practices. Using a holistic approach to food and nutrition, Sandy will teach you how to make healthier choices that will provide you with more energy, better sleep, and a positive outlook on life.

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The power of meditation has been at the forefront of Lynn’s personal journey, so it is no surprise that she includes meditative practices in her Mindset Reboot™ program. By teaming with several well-respected practitioners, we will help you learn meditation techniques to reduce stress, improve emotional health, and enhance self-awareness, among many other positive effects.



Physical therapy is often prescribed in conjunction with injury or surgical recovery. Lynn and her team have experienced the amazing benefits of such healing works, and are pleased to refer you to one of the best practitioners. Danielle Emhof, of Moonstone Empowerment, treats the whole patient using a combination of physical therapy, integrative manual therapy, matrix energetics and providing counsel on multiple wellness disciplines.

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We work closely with Fairydust Productions, Inc. , who offers impactful, immersive transformational experiences through a membership club. Members enjoy a concierge menu of activities that provide inspiration, wisdom, experiences, and fabulosity.

personal brand


 What does it mean to be your own “brand”? And, what exactly does it look like? Years of experience and a host of individual and corporate clients enable Jen Kagnoff of Vaulted Strategies to answer those questions and more. She will help discover, define, and execute your own brand vision, by marrying strategy with creativity.

financial health


To establish financial security, it is critical to set and follow a path that makes sense for your personal goals and lifestyle. Long-time financial professional Ilkay Gokturk of The Lady Advisor  will work closely with you to help identify and select the right financial tools, including insurance, savings and retirement plans, to help you achieve financial peace of mind.

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